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AAA Annual Meeting

  • A handy resource page open for your editing

Innovative Cadaver Photography & Videography

  • Documenting interesting cadaver findings made by students using the Lytro camera
  • Recording dissection with Google Glass

Year 1


Foundations of Teaching | ANAT 6412


Resources for learning neuroanatomy

Year 2

MHA Journal Club

Medical School Admissions

  • MHA faculty member Dr. Norma Wagoner has decades of experience in med school admissions. She is currently chair of the MHA admissions committee and was recently interviewed by the folks at Med School HQ so you might want to listen to the podcast of the interview. Get out your pencil and paper!

Social Media

  • The MHA Program has accounts on the following social media platforms with a goal of sharing all of the awesome things our students and faculty are doing in the program:
  • Students and faculty are also encouraged to develop a presence on social media sites. These slides from a past MHA seminar will give you some strategies for making the most out of social media.

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