Unit I - Spine and Extremities
Unit II - Trunk
Unit III - Head and Neck
Disclaimer - The diagrams on these pages are very useful study materials if used properly but are not authoritative and may have errors. They are a supplement to, not a replacement for your anatomy texts and lectures. They were created based on a particular syllabus that may not be the same as yours, and therefore may include structures you do not need to know, be missing some you do, or present knowledge that is out of order with respect to your course. If you discover an error please alert the author of the file or another editor, or fix it yourself.


Anatomical Terms - Searchable database of 31,107 anatomy terms based on Terminologia Anatomica
Cadaver Pathology - Information on pathological structure found on cadavers
Cranial Nerve Roller Coaster - Developed using the VH dataset, ride around the CNs as they course through their various foramina
Dartmouth Medical School | Dept of Anatomy - Anatomy learning modules.
Dr. Preddy Videos - Awesome videos to help learn muscles of back and limbs.
Embryology Animations - Good visualization of development.
Illustrated Atlas of Human Anatomic Variation - "Did I discover a novel anatomical variant in my cadaver?"
kenHub - Online flashcards with great graphics that adjusts difficulty based on your skill.
Medical Mnemonics - A bit full of useless medical mnemonics, but some useful ones to be found.
Radiopaedia - An excellent radiological reference, wiki style
SUNY Downstate Medical Center - Online anatomy practical practice quizzes, with images.
Texas Tech Univ Health Sciences Center - Similar to the Univ Michigan site below, made by the same instructor (Tom Gest)
Univ of Arkansas | Gross Anatomy Course - Anatomical structures presented in tabular format.
Univ Michigan | Medical School - Online anatomy quiz and lab practical, with images.
Univ of Washington | Dept of Radiology - Online muscle atlas with origins, insertions, actions, and arterial supply.
Univ of Wisconsin | Gross Anatomy Dissections - Excellent dissection videos.
Wayne State University- Intended to help you learn basic gross anatomy as depicted in radiographic studies
Winking Skull - Online resources from the Thieme Atlas of Anatomy
Zygote Body - Like Google Maps for the human body.


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Let's Get Physical! Physical! (Special Thanks to Chris Moreau, James Sze, Stephen Asay C/O 2018)

Upper MSK Physical Exam
Lower MSK Physical Exam
Abdominal Physical Exam
Pulmonary Physical Exam
Cardio Physical Exam
HEENT Physical Exam

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