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Check out the Evidence-Based Medicine page for ways to keep up on the medical literature. It includes podcasts, iPhone apps, RSS feeds and more.
- Adds medical words to spell check for MS Word
To help you study, especially in memorization-dense courses such as anatomy, consider picking up a book on competitive memory techniques (just about any will do) that teach you how to use visual mnemonics to memorize large quantities of data. These are the methods used by people who memorize the names of everyone in an audience, or the order of a deck of cards, in just a few minutes. They work extremely well because they force you to pay more attention to the information, and create links that help you recall it.
Medical Mnemonics
HS Library Student Resources - Brings together many of the resources that are useful to students on the Health Sciences Library website
Hard Copy References
Online Resources
Panopto - Tips for webcasting
Room Calendar - View when rooms are reserved on campus (including study rooms) so you know when not to go.
OHSU Medical Pronunciation Guide
Rotating Room - This website aims to help the thousands of medical students around the country find places to stay while doing away rotations and help them find med students to sublet their rooms at the same time.