Advanced Editing (Using the Text Editor)
  • This can be helpful if the formatting of the normal editor is being problematic - you can go into the text editor and correct it to look the way you want it to.
  • Print a page
    • Hover your cursor over the arrow on the "Page" tab, and a menu will drop down - select print to open a version of the page formatted to print nicely.
  • Post a file
    • On the editor menu that opens, click the button that looks like a picture. In the window that opens, click on the "Upload Files" tab, and it should walk you through the process

How to use Panopto to watch a lecture

Panopto How-To Video

Go to and log-in using your University username and password (what you use for email.) make sure to select
"ucdenver.pvt" from the drop down menu and then you are ready to watch a recording. If you would like the ability to fast forward through the recording
make sure that you are using Internet Explorer to access the Course Cast website and add "&usewmp=1" at the end of the URL for the video that you
want to view and you should have access to speed choices upon right clicking on the video frame. Not sure if this works on Macs.

For other questions, you can post them to this page, or send a message to Forrest