Electives (from the 09/10 Coursebook )

Warren Village [map][http://www.warrenvillage.org]

"An opportunity for Phase I and II students to participate in a pediatric clinic. Students will provide well-care and minor acute illness care for children. Students are required to attend an orientation and three to four Wednesday evening clinics."


  • "I found this elective to be very helpful in my early clinical experience. I took it in the fall semester and in the spring semester. By the end of the year I will have visited Warren Village around a dozen times. The elective tends to fill up quickly--so be aware of that when you get ready to pick your electives. And if you get put on the waitlist, stay there, spots often open up." -- Ben Wendell

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Pre-Hospital Medicine [map][Parking]

"Students required to participate in1 ten hour ride along shift with Denver Paramedic Division 911 ambulances, attend required Introductory Lecture on prehospital medicine and submit 1 evaluation from ambulance ride."


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Intro Emer Med & Trauma

"Introduction to life-threatening conditions fundamental to emergency medicine. Focuses on the essentials ofstabilization, rapid diagnosis, and acute management. Weekly lectures given by faculty from UCHSC and Denver Health. Pass-fail based on attendance with an optional write-up for honors."

Trauma Course Objective: To provide an overview of the breadth of conditions seen in an Emergency Department
Course Lecturers: Emergency Medicine Faculty from the Denver Health Residency in Emergency Medicine and Department of Emergency Medicine at The University of Colorado School of Medicine


  • Pass/Fail
  • Cannot miss more than 3 lectures in order to Pass the class
  • Honors: Write a paper on a topic pertaining to Emergency Medicine


  • 5-6 pages on one topic in EM/trauma
  • due by the week after the end of the semester
  • paper should be in format of an EM text chapter with epidemiology, pathophysiology, clinical presentation, etc.
  • papers will be evaluated to assess if content is appropriate


  • "The elective consists of a series of EM-themed lunch lectures taught by University Hospital and Denver Health EM docs. This year, the topics are: Airway, Shock, Toxicology, OB/Gyn Emergencies, Endocrine Emergencies, Abdominal Pain, Helmets, and Neuro Emergencies." -- Ben Wendell

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