DSBS 5504 - Human Anatomy
Figure taken from Thieme Atlas of Anatomy


Unit I
Unit II
Unit III


Anatomical Terms - Searchable database of 31,107 anatomy terms based on Terminologia Anatomica
Cranial Nerve Roller Coaster - Developed using the VH dataset, ride around the CNs as they course through their various foramina
Dartmouth Medical School | Dept of Anatomy - Anatomy learning modules.
kenHub - Online flashcards with great graphics that adjusts difficulty based on your skill.
Zygote Body - Like Google Maps for the human body.
Medical Mnemonics - A bit full of useless medical mnemonics, but some useful ones to be found.
SUNY Downstate Medical Center - Online anatomy practical practice quizzes, with images.
Think Anatomy - A collection of the best anatomy resources on the internet.
Univ of Arkansas | Gross Anatomy Course - Anatomical structures presented in tabular format.
Univ Michigan | Medical School - Online anatomy quiz and lab practical, with images.
Univ of Washington | Dept of Radiology - Online muscle atlas with origins, insertions, actions, and arterial supply.
Univ of Wisconsin | Dept of Anatomy - Excellent dissection videos.


Mike Pascoe, PhD